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Thinkware F770 Full HD Wide Angle Car Camera
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Super Night Vision / Time Lapse

1080p Full HD & Full HD 2CH / 30fps / DUAL SAVE / Road Safety Warning System

Safety Camera Alert/ Built-in WiFi/ Built-in GPS


  • 2016 Latest Features in-built in the Thinkware Dash Cam F770


Capturing video in extreme low-light conditions such as dimly lit parking lots and streets

often results in recording of poor quality video or in many cases, complete darkness.

The Super Night Vision, proprietary night vision video processing technology by Thinkware dash cam,

achieves impressive high-sensitivity performance increasing the brightness levels up to 1000% during nighttime with reduced noise in low-light

conditions by taking advantage of new image signal processing (ISP) technology.


Parking Mode feature allows you to leave your car and be sure the dash cam will provide surveillance for the vehicle while you are away.

The new Time Lapse feature takes parking mode a step further, providing improved coverage by recording for extended period

of time compared to existing parking mode.

Recording at 1 frame per second, the time lapse feature enables the dash cam to record parking mode videos 16 times longer

than the regular parking mode by reducing video file size allowing


THINKWARE Dash Cam F770 not only acts as a reliable eyewitness in the case of an incident, it is also your best protection against insurance frauds and road

accidents. Equipped with the Road Safety Warning System that provides alerts for Lane Departure and Front Collision, the F770 detects road markings and gives

voice warnings to the drivers if the vehicle begins to stray from its lane or when it is at risk of an imminent collision. Such advanced technology that once could

only be seen in the best luxury sedans is now available in our dash cams to provide convenience and safety while aiding drivers on the road

Safety Camera Alert

Exclusive safety feature from THINKWARE – The Safety Camera Alert powers THINKWARE Dash Cam to be on continuous alert for

photo enforcement locations on your driving routes while recording high quality videos at the same time.

THINKWARE Dash Cam provides active warning for these 5 types of road safety cameras.

Capture the Crucial Moments in Full HD

With a 1080p Full HD Front and Rear camera, the F770 is able to record pristine quality video that captures the crucial details of any incidents you may encounter while driving.

Recording at 30 frames per second without dropping a single frame, you can rely on the F770 to capture every moment of your commute in high definition – be it an accident or an unexpected hit-and-run.

See more with a 140Ëš Wide Angle View

The THINKWARE Dash Cam F770 has a 140Ëš wide viewing angle for maximum visibility, capturing a wider view of the roads.

Strong Processor for Speedy Performance

The high specification Ambarella A7 CPU minimizes power consumption while providing optimal performance.

Tested and proven in various high quality action cameras, the processor ensures a stable and uninterrupted performance while the F750 performs various tasks.

Built-in GPS tells you the whole story

With a built-in GPS antenna, the F770 embeds speed, time and location data to the recorded videos to give you all the crucial information you need after an incident.

The user can also review their driving route and history with the integrated maps function in the THINKWARE PC Viewer.


This technology is specially designed to save recorded footage in both Micro SD and NAND Flash Memory when a certain level of impact is detected. This is particularly useful if the Micro SD card is removed or damaged due to the impact of a collision. With the Dual Save Technology that also saves footage in the NAND Flash Memory, you do not have to worry about it getting lost or damaged.

* Dual Save Technology is activated when a certain level of impact is detected as long as it is connected to a power supply (The impact detection threshold can be adjusted according to user preference).

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