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Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance 17" Tyre
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Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance Tyre

SIZE: 215 / 55R 17, Made In Europe

VERY LIMITED, While Stocks Last!
  • Full Installation & Balancing
  • New Chrome Tyre Valves
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  • Prices are all inclusive GST, No Hidden Cost
  • Price is for 1 pc
  • Condition 4 pc purchase
Features & Benefit
  • Fuel Economy
  • Low Noise
  • Wet Performance
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9 Tagore Lane #02-22 9@Tagore S(787472) (map)
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11am - 9pm (Mon - Sat)
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Quiet Tyres
20 Jul 2019
Original set of CSC5 wearing out and quite noisy. Size 205/50/17 was not common. Headache.... Chance upon Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance review. It is marketed as quiet and lower fuel consumption. Called a workshop and size was available. Good and prompt service. After installation, I was surprised by the quietness. Letting go of the throttle, the car just cruised along. I believe it will save on fuel in the long run.
A tyre that strike a good balance between comfort and performance
01 Mar 2019
I had the Efficient Grip Performance (ROF) on my ride for ~5.5 months (16,500Km), and here are a quick review. Noise: Low noise level as compared to my previous CPC2 Contiseal (when new) - 225/50R17 Firmness: Probably because of the reinforced side wall, the firmness is now just nice for my 1.8 tons MPV Handling: No problem with hitting corner at high speed (can do 80Km/h on some slip road with sharper bend) Braking Performance: Considering that this is more of a comfort than performance tyre, I would say that it offer very good braking performance both in Dry and Wet conditions Weight and FC: I personally find the tyre marginally heavier than my previous CPC2, and same can be felt when moving off from standstill, and FC is marginally lower (by 0.2 Km/L over the past few months)
Sidewalk Too Soft
23 Jun 2018
Tried EfficientGrip 225/45/18. Very quiet, smooth drive, good wet and dry handle. A drawback is side wall a bit too soft, which made it feel uneasy when cornering down a slop at 80KM/h. The inner side tyres sink too much that made me felt like the tyres were going to hit the car body. Worn out in about 35000KM.
Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Tyre
12 Jun 2018
One of the best tyres I’ve tried so far. Ride used to be quite noisy with vibrations when going at higher speeds. After changing to the efficientgrip tyres, there’s a noticeable reduction in road noise.
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