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Nurburgring Rotary Forge 19" Rim (With Pirelli Tyre)

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Nothing sets your car or SUV apart like a new set of distinctive custom wheels from TSW. Make a bold statement by choosing just the right design, finish and size from our collection of light alloy aftermarket wheels. You’ll discover that our wheels are as remarkable for their uncompromised quality, precision engineering, advanced materials and revolutionary manufacturing processes as they are for their stunning designs.

We believe that our wheels do more than just make the world more beautiful. We try to do more than just design good looking wheels. We believe that wheels are safety critical products and that they should be engineered to carry the weight of the vehicles that ride on them. This should never be in doubt. We believe that they should fit the vehicle perfectly and that half a millimetre does make a difference. We believe that quality matters. We don't like to compromise because sometimes there is no room for error.

TSW Alloy Wheels was founded back in the 1960’s by a Formula One driver and has had a continuous involvement in motor sports ever since. Most of our custom wheels take their names from the world’s great racing venues. TSW is headquartered in California and serves customers worldwide.

* Package:*
4 x 19”TSW Nurburgring staggered wheels ( Matte Bronze )
4x 19” Pirelli Tyres (staggered)

Free Tyre Care Package: (Till expiration of Tyre’s life)
  • Balancing & Rotation every 10k
  • Puncture Repair (drive In)
  • Nitrogen installation
Fill and maintain your tyres today with nitrogen for:
  • Significantly Improved Pressure Retention.
  • Constant pressure regardless of tyre temperature change.
  • Oxidation is eliminated ensuring optimum pressure retention with age.
  • Prolong Tyre life
  • Better Fuel economy
  • Safety & Performance

Tyre wear and tear is natural part of driving, unfortunately. Since most cars are front-engine cars, the front axle bears more weight than the rear axle. This means your front tyres wear quicker than your back tyres.

There are also other causes of uneven wear, like:
  • Turning left. Most interchanges and parking ramps require you to turn left. Left turns are tighter than right turns, causing your right front tyre to wear out faster than the left.
  • Sidewall damage. The sidewalls on your left tyres are more likely to get bumped and rubbed against the pavement when parking your car. This can cause asymmetric sidewall wear.
  • Braking. Heavy, sudden and frequent braking can add stress to your front tyres
What can you do about it?

Rotating your tyres will help ensure even tread wear, allowing them to last longer. Rotation entails swopping the back and front tyres around first, and then swopping the left and right front tyres.
Depending on the type of car you drive, we typically recommend you do this every 10,000 km.



Regardless of how well or how little you drive, tyres do eventually wear down over time. It is unlikely that they’ll wear down evenly, and this can cause:
  • Changes in the mass of rubber on your tyres.
  • A weight imbalance.
  • The steering wheel to shimmy and shake.
Despite advanced rubber compounds and manufacturing processes, even new tyres need to be balanced sometimes.

Pitstop Tyres PTE LTD is the sole distributor of ALL TSW WHEELS.
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Stunning rims
09 Dec 2018
Installed 17x8j and I still can't stand how good it looks... Definitely made the car feel a lot more premium all by itself.
The fantastic rims for my ride.
14 Sep 2014
Fitted this on my SUV, and am I so glad I got this set of rims. My ride now looks fierce, with metallic shiny finish that makes it stands out at the same time. These rims are featherlight, hence improving my performance noticably! Pickup is quicker, traction of tyres to the tarmac feels much comfortable. All I really have to describe this set of rims is - Perfection.
Make my heart melt!
31 May 2014
I've been looking at wheels for months and this one seemed like the best value and looks. Therefore, I give it a try. I was impressed by its handling and the grip. It looks awesome on my Audi 6 and give it a new life as my car looks like new one! Most of my friends were impressed too! The performance is just nice for me as I'm just a typical driver. Moreover, I would love my car looks awesome and shine!
Looks great, but affects performance.
22 Oct 2013
These rims looks really sick on my current sports ride, giving a really eye-catching look over my plain looking car. There are desserts and veggies for these rims. The dessert: Better handling and grip on the tarmac due to its heavyweight, and also looks fantastically great on sports cars! The veggies: It would definitely pull down the performance (speed and pickup wise) of your ride, also due to its heavyweight. Not for racing, definitely. But for those that goes for looks and don't mind having a few more kilograms to ur ride, this would be my recommendation for you. Definitely loving this rims on my side.
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