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Supersprint BMW 1 Series Exhaust System

$1,300 - $1,900  
Brand New

Supersprint dual or quad exhaust.

To be fitted with the specific centre connecting pipe 988413.

Compatible with the dual 90mm tailpipes, one for each side (988414) or the quad 80 mm tailpipes (988426).

The first option requires the trimming of the bumper, to mirror the stock left side arch on the right side.

For the quad pipes setup the left side arch must be enlarged, and a mirrored one must be trimmed on the right side.

Both configurations have been designed to match the stock bumper profile, resulting in a more ore less extreme but always classy and high quality look.

The sound is moderately sportier, for a more aggressive feel the fitment of the front pipe 988312 is suggested.

The rear section is the first step of the R&D and the whole exhaust system optimization process.

The sporty sound is achieved from the accurate selection of the piping sections, of the unique inner silencer design, and dedicated to the specific vehicle model.

The same high care is kept. The outlet style is determined with the same care and ensures a pleasant car design customization, enhancing those features that make it incomparable and second to none.

The existing EEC approval ensures a total legality in the everyday street use, it passes the periodical MOT inspections and avoids OBD control engine lights. It also ensures an absolute road safety and the respect of the most recent street standards, established from the worldwide car industry.

Every single safety features required from the car manufacturers are fully respected. No exceptions.

An example is the ideal tubing layout and the perfect thermal isolation from the excessive temperatures in the critical positions of the mechanical parts.

In this case all the Supersprint exhaust components fulfill the strict JASO (Japanese car Industry) obligations in terms of fire dangers, in the event of an accident.

The material used, AISI 304 and AISI 409 hi-grade stainless steel, are exclusively genuine European products.

The tubing and the stainless foils thicknesses are accurately selected and are properly used to match every single Supersprint exhaust applications upon the desired features which have been decided during the R&D process.

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Good value for money exhaust muffler
28 Jul 2015
Changed to the stainless steel exhaust muffler and immediately you can hear the difference in exhaust noise. Sound is now deeper and more bassy. But not too loud that will annoy your neighbours. You can still have a normal conversation in your car without soundproofing. Muffler styling is slanted and soild, not like those coke can types. Power at low rev's below 2000rpm will suffer, but it is expected as I only changed the muffler. And once you hit 3000-3500rpm, it really opens up. Price was competitive.
It is Awesome!
23 Jul 2015
Took this up not long ago. Like what it have change to and it is really awesome. Power gain is good increase mid through high revs though the down side is that reduced pulling power below 1500 RPM, especially if hauling a full passenger load up a hill. But other than that it is rocking my world. Currently thinking of doing ECU remap to optimise the performance. Hope all goes well in the end.
Decent low rumble at idle, delivers performance when tested
15 May 2014
Comparing Trust and Supersprint exhaust, I would go for the Trust exhaust as the low rumble at stationary and rev. However, I was unable to get the Trust exhaust certified. Hence with the supersprint, the exhaust complies with the LTA regulation and I am able to sprint in it legally. It provides a decent punch when pushed hard, coupled with the low rumbling at idle.
Incredible sound and performance!
18 Jan 2014
I'm super happy that I bought Superprint Exhaust System which is well renowned quality, performance, TUV approval that hand crafted in Italy. The aggressive sound is what exactly you will get! The sound of the exhaust is incredible. When I say there is no drone, I really mean so! The exhaust in my opinion is perfectly pitched. The sound is more aggresive and louder than stock but still maintains a tamed volume inside the cabin to have a conversation without increasing your voice. To my surprised, I thought installing an exhaust would decrease my gas mileage but instead it is the other way round. I have gained an average of 0.8-1.2 max miles after 500 miles of exhaust installation. Well... What can I asked for? I am really satisfied with my new exhaust!
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