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S Drive Honda Fit GE6 / GE8 SP1 - SP9 E-Throttle Controller Slim
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Freepower S Drive E-Throttle Controller (Slim). Our SP9 E-Throttle Controlller has 40% better performance than normal SP7 E-Throttle Controller. Come and discover the differences. Free trial for our SP9 E-Throttle Controller is available at our workshop. Trade-in of your existing brand of E-Throttle Controller to our SP9 E-Throttle Controller is also available.

1. S DRIVE FLAT is a device designed for electronic throttle car models that gives you, the driver, the freedom to select the type of acceleration response you need or desire. A wide variety of response adjustment can be yours: from Sports Mode which gives you a keenly sharp response for speedy driving to a slower than normal response to enable eco-driving even without thinking about it. S DRIVE FLAT is a next generation throttle controller for both Sports and Eco-driving.

2. Quick Response for SPORTS Mode: Quick accelerator response for circuit and sports driving on mountain roads. After solving delayed response during acceleration. ECO Mode: World's First Slowed-down Response -Slower accelerator response suited for eco-driving in towns and on highways. Slowing down acceleration response brings better fuel efficiency and a more comfortable ride. S DRIVE is the only throttle controller designed with ECO Mode. ECO Mode increases fuel efficiency over normal conditions by suppressing rapid acceleration; if rapid acceleration is continually carried out results will be nullified.

3. One-touch selection between 3 modes (ECONOMIC :ECO 1~7, NORMAL, SPORT: SP 1~9) and 12 or 16 steps.

4. What settings should I make for racing?

ANS: This depends on the type of race, car, road and driver. Below are details for one team. Note that surprisingly ECO-mode (a different name for competition cars) is chosen for accelerator operation to enhance gripping and reduce time.

Circuit (on dry roads): SP1 - SP5

Circuit (on rainy roads): Ec3 - SP3

Autocross (on dry roads): SP3 - SP9

Dirt Trail (on dry roads): Ec2 - SP5

Rally (on dry roads): Ec2 - SP4

Drift (on dry roads): SP3 - SP9

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