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Alpine IVA-W502E Multimedia Player

$350  (cash & carry)
Very Good [4/5]
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7" touch screen Multimedia, dvd, radio, movie, mp3, ipod 24 bit dac

Very good condition Competition level headunit. High sound quality. Pretty fast loading time. Comes with usb / ipod cable Comes with remote controller

Optional item: add on alpine PXA-H701 audio processor, and you will fully unlocked its potential. Beef up your car audio with this setup now!

Self-collection. Contact me on my mobile to deal or for more information.

Seller Information
Highly sought after Competition level DVD Headunit
29 Aug 2014
Finally found a good priced used set with external USB cable. First thought, the design, build and finish, audio quality is all top notch giving Alpine the leader in Head unit reputation. Programs were easy to use, screen was high quality WVGA LED screen, button touch was of quality plastic, a lot of features, especially liked it 2nd background style with a microphone similar to The Voice. The boot up and disc loading is one of the fastest and with an aftermark steering wheel control module, it integrated well. Sound quality is one of it's strongest point, this HU was highly sought after by competitors and audiophile for its audio quality, features and value for money. (Mcintosh, Mark Levison) Hidden features will require a processor to unlock to its full potential for competition level. Best buy if you can find a reasonable used one, mine was in mint condition and shall port it over to my next car if possible.
A good all rounder Multi Media Station (MMS)
15 May 2014
This MMS has quite a no. of features. I particularly like the Dolby Movie and Music setting (with the external audio processor PXA-H700 or H700). The range of frequencies are crisp clear when coupled with micro precision speakers, tweeters and a sub. I have the IPod connectivity and that makes playing music from the IPod touch a breeze. It charges my IPhone too. The touch screen makes it easy to navigate through the setup and source. Playing DVD is just a few clicks away. The installer was also able to connect the search, mute, volume functions to my steering control and makes the daily fiddling much easier.
Best screen I have ever watched
31 May 2013
I recommend this unit for city driving when you need to wat for your wife and kids and still wanna keep yourself occuied. The screen is superb. just don't watch a DVD while you drive could be dangerous.
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