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15" Yokohama BlueEarth-A AE50 Tyres
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The Yokohama BluEarth AE50 is a Premium Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.

Tyre Profile: 195/55 R15, 195/60 R15 and tyre profiles of same size.
Manufacture: Japan
Price: $100 Nett Per Piece

* Includes Installation With Balancing & Rotation
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Blk 5034 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-315/ 317 S(569537) (map)
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Enjoy the smooth & quite ride
16 Jul 2019
I often travel to Malaysia and at times in a last minutes decision . As such, I require a set of reliable tyres for my MPV. The road holding & handling is upmost important to me as driving in MY, one would experience dry weather in certain area along the highway and wet weather in another during the course of long hours driving. The other is of course low noise which my passengers able to take some nap along the way As such, investment in a good set of tyres like Yokohama BluEarth-A AE50 is very important to me.
Good and reliable
26 Nov 2018
Got a small 14 inch set and have used this tyres close to 40k mileage. I don't really drive my car very hard and I don't aspire to win every race at the stop lights. But this tyres has performed very well for the time I've had them. Tyre wear for me has been excellent, my workshop Uncle commented it still looks new when he checked at 30k. Compared to my old Yoko A drive, these guys are more comfortable, quieter, and most importantly they do well in the wet. But then again as I said, I don't go touge or anything. Would recommend to those on a Budget. I did a lot of research on eco tyres (don't buy these thinking they are performance tyres hor) before I bought them and to me, it was the best value prop for all the technology and R&D that went into it. After 2.5 years parking in hot sun everyday, no signs of drying and cracking...Maybe their orange oil thingy does work?
Solid comfortable tyres
15 Sep 2018
I have driven about 20k km on my Toyota Vios, and have really enjoyed the better FC since changing. Older Vios aren't really known for good FC but at least you can get much closer to manufacturer specs. The treads so far look to be in decent condition and wear is not high.
Decent Good Tires
28 May 2018
I have driven about 10000km with these 225/45/R17 tires (made in Jap). Bought for about $130 for a tire.
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