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Up to $30 off for new car battery with trade-in, T&C applies.
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Auto 101's Trade-in Offer! Since 2011, so don't miss out! The only people who trade-in your old batteries! Price Inclusive of:

  • Testing
  • Removal of old Battery
  • Cleaning of battery terminals (if required)
  • Installation of New Battery
  • Diagnostic registration of new battery replacement (if required)
  • Disposal of Old Battery
  • Battery comes with full 12 months warranty for petrol vehicles, 6 months for diesel vehicles (1 to 1 exchange).
  • Guaranteed Fresh Batteries, as in Auto 101 we only supply what we would put in our own cars

** No GST Charge Trade-in your Used battery for up to $30 with purchase of a new Bosch Battery today! Even with a totally flat battery you can Trade-in. Trade-in value depends on the following:

  • 100% - $30
  • 80% - $25
  • 60% - $20
  • 40% and below - $15


The Bosch ST Hightec AGM Battery: The Ultimate power for cars with Start-Stop Technology.

  • Dynamic recharging capability to ensure sufficient power is always available
  • Able to withstand up to 3 times more cyclic endurance than a conventional battery
  • Longer service life
  • Superior starting power
  • Highly robust against corrosion and deep cycling
  • Assured safety with 100% leakage proof

Available Models:

  • ST Hightec AGM LN3 (70AH/760CCA)
  • ST Hightec AGM LN4 (80AH/800CCA)
  • ST Hightec AGM LN5 (95AH/850CCA)
  • ST Hightec AGM LN6 (105AH/950CCA)


The Bosch AM Hightec AMS Battery: Designed to power vehicles with Alternator Management Systems

  • Designed to meet the load demands of AMS with at least 20% higher charge acceptance than a conventional battery
  • Reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
  • Enhanced performance with high density active material which maximizes power output
  • Improved durability with better corrosion and heat resistance

Available Models:

  • AM Hightec AMS 75B24L/R (58AH/510CCA)
  • AM Hightec AMS 95D23L (70AH/650CCA)
  • AM Hightec AMS 105D26L/R (75AH/650CCA)


The Bosch ST Hightec EFB Battery: Batteries with Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technology are built for higher performance than conventional flooded batteries and to support entry level start-stop vehicles. Recommended for standard vehicles with high electrical demands as well. EFB technology provides double the cyclic stability with high endurance from deep discharges.

  • Designed for vehicles with entry-level Start-Stop technology for fuel efficiency
  • Extended cycle life compared to conventional flooded battery
  • Optimal operation in engine compartment
  • High charging acceptance for the extra power and consistent performance

Available Models:

  • ST Hightec EFB 70B24L (N55) - 55AH/510CCA
  • ST Hightec EFB 95D23L (Q85) - 65AH/620CCA
  • ST Hightec EFB 105D26L (S95) - 70AH/680CCA
  • ST Hightec EFB LN2 (DIN 60) - 60AH/560CCA
  • ST Hightec EFB LN3 (DIN 74) - 70AH/680CCA


The Bosch S5 Battery: Ideal for vehicles with higher than normal electrical drains. The Bosch S5 car battery is able to offer up to 30% more power compared to the factory fitted battery. because of this it also has up to 30% longer service life. All Bosch S5 batteries are sealed and maintenance free for maximum peace of mind.

  • 46B20L
  • 70B24L
  • 90D23L/R
  • 110D26L
  • DIN 45
  • DIN 60
  • DIN 62
  • DIN 74
  • DIN 75
  • DIN 80
  • DIN 100


The Bosch S4 Battery: Strong power for every car Cars come in all shapes and sizes, each with varying electrical needs. The S4 meets the electrical demands of a wide range of vehicles, ensuring a dependable supply of power to keep the energy consuming components working properly at all times. Available model for S4 :

  • 42B20L
  • 65B24L/R
  • 80D23L
  • 90D26L

Auto 101 Recommends Bosch Batteries. Visit us for the most updated price, as we have various discounts every week.

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