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Brand new Hurricane filters to improve the airflow to your engine.

Easy Maintenance.

Hurricane believes in quality and performance. Hurricane Air Filter Element uses Japan's highest grade Stainless Steel for our filter element. The uniform microscopic holes on Hurricane wire mesh ensures very consistently filtration and airflow. Thus allowing engines to breathe better as compared to the inconsistent airflow of cotton/foam filter. With a simple Hurricane panel filter, you can expect a decent horsepower gain from mid to high RPM. Acceleration is smoother and faster. The feeling is like changing to an open pod air filter.

Do call to enquire for model availability.

Operating hours 3pm - 3am.

5 Consumer Reviews
Good for Mid end performance, but so incredibly noisy
Installed this on a 2nd hand GD Fit. Marked difference in performance profile. Better mid end boost. Seems to lose low end pickup slightly. But - Incredibly noisy. Like howling banshee noisy.
More preferred than open pod, stock, K&N
I have tried K&N, stock, non-branded, Open Pod and Hurricane. The Hurricane is my personal preference. Before every servicing I swop back to the Stock/No-brand (stock airbox setup), and everytime I feel the difference the Hurricane makes. The car is much more responsive with it. Works very well with exos mod and piggyback ecus. Compared with K&N, Hurricane is much cleaner even if do not oil the K&N (still has some oily residue). The intake sound from the Hurricane is louder and a more solid metallic tone. Compared to open pod, it does not lose so much in low rpm torque. Especially with some light tuning (exhaust, ecu or throttle), this becomes a more cost effective upgrade than many others.
Good filter so far
Install this when I bought the car in 2011.. Till now no complain and have serve me well... Cheaper compare to paper filter... Save me a lot of money....$$$$
Since 2005..from drop-in to open pod, Hurricane it is!!
Recommended by a friend when I got my first ride in 2005 & with it till date. Tried few brands but nothing compare to Hurricane. From features to performance, it's unique & gave you the response you need. Easy to clean & most important of all get the right size open pod for your ride. Feel the different, it's satisfying....
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155 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1 #01-00 Shun Li Industrial Park S(416012) (map)
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10am - 7pm (Mon - Fri)
10am - 3pm (Sat)
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