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Steelmate 838E PKE Hands Free Keyless Entry Car Security Alarm System

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BRAND NEW set of Steelmate 838E PKE Security Alarm System!

Introducing the Steelmate handsfree car alarm system with super slim & sleek PKE (Passive Keyless Entry) transmitters!

Great for anyone that always carry lot's of goods and hate to fumble for your remote to have the car unlock! As the Steelmate 838E remote goes near the car, it will disarm and unlock the car by itself!

Great for anyone whom always forget to lock the vehicle! As the Steelmate 838E moves away from the car, it will arm and lock the car by itself!

Key features

  • Automatically lock/unlock the door when the driver is leaving/approaching the car
  • The engine can only be started if the transmitter is inside the car
  • Keyless rearming function
  • Intelligent anti-hijack function with ID detection
  • Power saving design, long life soan of the transmitter battery
  • Personal emergency override code programmable
  • Passive keyless entry
  • Active arming/passive arming selectable
  • Remote trunk release
  • Match central locking system

Cash & Carry!

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I will never forget to lock my door again!
22 Oct 2015
I have just installed hands-free car alarm system, Steelmate 838E. I super love the function of automatically locking or unlocking of the door when I am leaving or approaching the car since I have the habit of always forgetting to lock my car door. I also have added in the optional function of window closing automation. These two functions are of a great help for a forgetful person like me.
Car security system
11 Oct 2015
Decide to get a car alarm system as I am the kind of forgetful person and there are time where I acutally forgot to lock the door. I am lucky so for that nothing went wrong but decided to do something before anything happens so went to my regular workshop to get this system fixed up. I personally like the function that automatically locks or unlocks the car when the driver is leaving or near the vehicle. That way i vehicle will be locked even if i forget. For convinence, i find the features remote boot release, Door not closed properly warning and Central Door Lock useful as well. There are other feature too but these are mostly the features i use often or find it useful for myself. Lastly, i also like the sleek design of the remote, simple and slim.
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