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APEXi Power Intake Panel Filter Open Pod Air Filter

$48  (cash & carry)
Excellent [5/5]
Suitable For
All Models

Apexi "Power Intake" Dual Funnel Air Cleaner.

Used for less than 10000km.

Cleaned every 5k mileage.

Original bought from reputable motor workshop

Seller Information
Alex Chan
It makes a difference!
30 Jan 2014
The filter was a quick install and fit perfectly. You can hear a difference with this filter and good 3hp difference on the dyno. The filter increase the engine sound and it is also noticeable some improvement in the performance. Thus, the engine feel more free. It sounded just like the stock. I really like APEXi because they always give quality of product! They make those exhaust system's that are almost silent as stock but with the performance of like a really loud exhaust system, they are really awesome real innovators.
More responsive compare to stock..
17 Dec 2013
Was considering better Apexi or K&N, but opt for the former. Upon installation, when I fired up the car on the road, I could hear a clear vacuum sound and later "whoosh". The car seems to be more responsive. Recommended modification to your ride for slightly better performance with a small budget.
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