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Motul 300V Power 5W40 Vehicle Servicing
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Motul 300V Power 5W40 Servicing:

  • 4L Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • 21 Point checks


  • Maximum oil film resistance
  • Balanced polarity
  • Resistance at very high temperature.
  • Maximum power output
  • Decrease operating temperature.
  • 0% shear loss, Stable oil pressure whatever using conditions.
  • Maximum anti-wear resistance.
  • Perfect engine cleanliness.
  • 5W-40 grade allows excellent oil flow into the engine, fastest oil pressure set up, faster rev raisings and
  • at the same time high oil pressure at high rpm and high temperatures.
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25 Kaki Bukit Road 4 #06-83 Synergy @ KB S(417800) (map)
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One of the best 100% Synthetic EO available
13 Jan 2018
I've always used Mobil1 Enhance Gold for my car. As you guys know, this particular brand and model is expensive but this time there's a workshop offered a very competitive pricing for the Motul 300V Power 5W40 with free Oil filter and includes workmanship. The offer is cheap and I can't resist. It's the only one workshop that offered it. If you google or search on FB you will find it. So I decided to have a go on this EO. I was surprised by its performance. It makes my engine run so much smoother than the best Mobil 1 Gold available. I'm hook!, so this will be my staple EO for my next servicing.
One of the best Race Engine Oil money can buy!
15 Apr 2017
I have been a "Competitor Brand" oil supporter for decades and recently participate in the MCF Motul giveaway. At the time of writing this review, the oil has clocked 7000 km with minimum idle time. There is no feel of sluggishness or excessive valve-train noise. The engine performance, including oil temperature and pressure has been consistent and stable throughout entire 2.5 months. The Type R engine definitely feels more responsive then competitor oils and acceleration feels beefy and a particular flat spot of this high compression NA engine have reduced significantly. It pulls extremely well from 2500-9800rpm red line. I observed there is a slight improvement in fuel economy about 0.8km per litre of petrol after 300-500km set in period. I am not surprised as this is EsterCore technology. The Motul 300V Power 5W40 oil properties is excellent and able to resist fuel dilution effectively, some competitor brands may need some top up after 5000km or a track day, however there is no replenishment made so far. The Integra R PGM-FI is remapped slightly for competition use. Went 1 Sepang Track day with Motul 300V Power 5W40 - Oil Temperature is stable 110-115degC after several hot laps and did not exhibit any thinning out at high temp. Oil temperature handling characteristic is good, fast cool down too. This oil is capable and display good handling a wide range of temperature and engine rpm. Competitor oil I have used have some difficulty dealing with excessive heat. There is no vaporization after track day, engine oil level remains same of day 1. As this 300V oil is not designed for long oil drain interval (unlike the 8100), I recommend oil to be replaced no longer than 8000 km.
Great oil that worth every penny.
06 Feb 2017
I have been using Mobil 1 for ages, but I will convert myself to become a motul customer from now on. Noticed an increase in power and smoothness. I manage to get more power from my 2L engine and manage to save on fuel at the same time. I will highly recommend this engine oil to everyone out here. No gimmicks for this engine oil.
Motul 300v 5w-40
06 Feb 2017
Never use this oil before, as the price is quite on the higher side. So thank you to mycarforum, and I get the chance to test it out. Overall it is really "you get what you pay for" !!!
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