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Lambda Oil Primer Performance Additives
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Lambda "Oil Primer" remove gums, tars, varnishes, sludge, carbons and corrosive acid from crankcase, oilways and galleries, lower piston rings and all areas where oil circulates under pressure. Oil Primer restores oil circulation cylinder compressions and reduces harmful emissions.

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Really work!
24 Jun 2015
My mazda coming to 7 year, engine seem to be a little bit stalling. Been recommend by Tomie and decide tried this product at my favourite workshop at wcega plaza. Surprisingly now the engine become quite and more responsive. This product really work on car !
Smoothness to the max
25 May 2015
Like what this product can do! After the treatment of this product smoothness improved and reduced in noise level from the engine. Pick up and cruising works better and quiet, don't really feel the weight there. Performance of the car is being restored well and very pleased with the product. Will want to try to use the other range of products they have to compare.
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